Is My Two-Year-Old Too Young For Preschool?


Is My Two-Year-Old Too Young For Preschool?

is my two year old too young for preschool

Research shows that attending a high-quality preschool can benefit children as they transition into Kindergarten. The benefits of preschool programs do not end once a child starts school. Many stick with kids throughout elementary school and beyond.

But what is the earliest age for preschool? Many parents wonder when their child is ready for preschool. The answer to this question is not always a simple one.

Typical preschool programs accept children ages three to five years old. However, “preschool readiness” also depends on the child.

This article will explore what happens in preschool and how to determine if your child is ready to take this important step.

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What Happens in Preschool?

Many people use the terms “preschool” and “daycare” to mean the same thing. However, preschool is a specific educational program. Typical preschool programs follow a curriculum designed to prepare children for Kindergarten.

Here are some of the things children learn in preschool.


Preschool teachers typically use a time-tested curriculum. A preschool curriculum may introduce young children to reading in a developmentally appropriate way. It may focus on:

  • Letter recognition
  • Tracing and writing
  • Recognizing and using letter sounds

Each child develops a solid foundation of literacy skills that will benefit them in Kindergarten and beyond.


Preschool teachers use creative, play-based ways to introduce complex topics to young children. Children learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on, interactive learning.

Social-Emotional Skills

Young children must develop good social skills and learn to regulate their emotions. A preschool curriculum uses effective, practical lessons and activities to promote empathy, respect, and other essential skills.

Signs of Preschool Readiness

Even if your child is old enough to attend preschool, ensuring they are ready for this big step is crucial. Here are some of the signs your child may be ready to start preschool:

  • Your child is potty trained
  • Your child can eat, get dressed, and play on their own
  • Your child can speak or communicate in a way adults can understand
  • Your child can follow simple commands like “come here” or “sit down.”
  • Your child can maintain attention for a short activity
  • Your child is comfortable separating from a parent or caregiver
  • Your child has the physical and emotional stamina for preschool

Each child develops at their own pace. Issues like separation anxiety and delayed potty training are common. They are not necessarily a reason to keep a child from going to preschool. However, it is essential to consider if your child is ready for a preschool setting before sending them to school.

Should My 2 Year Old Be in Preschool?

Generally, kids start preschool at three years old. Preschool programs focus on helping children develop kindergarten readiness skills. Two-year-olds may not be ready for this level of education quite yet.

However, other enriching early childhood education programs can benefit younger children. For instance, your two-year-old may attend an early learning program in a learning center.

A learning center is an early childhood care facility that offers enriching programs for children of all ages. Some of the features you’ll find in a learning center include:

  • Educated teachers and staff
  • Regular daily schedules
  • Warm, welcoming environments
  • Inspiring outdoor play areas
  • Evidence-based curriculum and educational activities
  • A range of early learning programs to meet children’s needs as they grow
  • A focus on emotional skills and social interaction

Learning centers provide structured daily schedules. Following a schedule can help children adjust to a school environment and have easier transitions into school later on.

The Benefits of Attending a Learning Center Before Preschool

A learning center offers several early learning programs under the same roof. Attending a learning center before preschool has many benefits.

First, many learning centers provide full and part-time programs. This allows flexibility to adjust your child’s schedule as they grow up.

If you want your child to be in full-time care while you work, you can find that level of care. You will know they are receiving the highest-quality care and education possible. Or, if you want to ease into a school setting, you have that option.

Second, transitions can be tricky for young children–and their parents! Attending an early learning center allows your child to move easily from one early learning program to the next. Your child will already know many of the children and staff and feel comfortable in the building.

Finally, parents and caregivers often appreciate knowing their child can move quickly from one program to the next. Transitions are usually easier with several programs within the same learning center.

Find a Learning Center Near You

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