Mission Statement

Our Mission and Philosophy

Little Sunshine Preschool and Learning Center’s goal is to instill enthusiasm and eagerness toward learning, as well as providing a strong foundation of academic, physical, social, and emotional skills and abilities that will last a lifetime.

We recognize each child’s uniqueness, and strive to cultivate a sense of confidence, independence, and self worth. Children are offered respectful guidance and individualized attention in order to promote responsible decision making as well as

peaceful problem solving skills.

Little Sunshine Preschool and Learning Center is committed to providing a safe, clean, and caring learning environment. Our bright, spacious classrooms are well-equipped with a rich variety of engaging, age-appropriate materials and experiences specifically designed to facilitate learning. Activities are hands-on, stimulating and fun, with an appropriate balance between active and passive, child-initiated and adult-initiated activities that meet each child’s individual needs.

Education concerns the growth of the whole person. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor growth are all interrelated and each plays a vital role in the learning experiences of children. In creating a learning environment that is in harmony with the concept of educating the whole child, we: