A Look Inside Your Average Day at a New Port Richey Preschool


A Look Inside Your Average Day at a New Port Richey Preschool

a day at a New Port Richey preschool

If you are the parent or caregiver of a preschooler, you know how fun, energetic, and curious kids this age can be. Young children are excited to explore the world around them by using their senses and asking many, many questions.

A high-quality preschool program can help your child develop essential skills to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. In preschool, children learn how to make friends, develop good social and emotional skills, and build a foundation of knowledge. They learn about about letters, numbers, science, and so much more.

But what happens during an average day at a New Port Richey Preschool? If you were to step inside the classrooms at Little Sunshine Preschool, you’d see children learning, playing, and growing. You may also see loving, dedicated teachers guiding children.

This article will explore what a typical preschool schedule is like. The text explains what children learn in pre-K and how to contact the early learning specialists at Little Sunshine Preschool. Reach out to our team to discover more about our incredible preschool programs or to schedule a tour now.

Preschool Curriculum: Real Learning, Real Fun

High-quality preschool programs use a time-tested curriculum that emphasizes social and educational development. Children in the preschool years have a lot of energy and curiosity. Providing varied hands-on learning experiences each day is important.

At Little Sunshine Preschool, we offer high-quality preschool programs that follow a research-based curriculum. Our curriculum meets many needs to ensure we provide excellent care to every child in our school.

Our preschool curriculum focuses on:

  • Spoken language skills, with an emphasis on receptive and expressive language
  • Print knowledge skills, focusing on letter recognition and learning letter sounds
  • Phonological knowledge, meaning the ability to manipulate word sounds
  • Basic math skills, such as number recognition, counting, and reasoning

Research shows that children learn best through interactive experiences. Our curriculum uses play, songs, stories, and hands-on experiences to teach kindergarten skills.

What Happens In an Average Day at Preschool?

The schedule used in preschool programs varies significantly from school to school. However, many aspects of a preschooler’s average day are likely to be consistent between schools.

Here is a brief look inside an average day at a New Port Richey preschool.

1. Arrive at school

Children arrive at school and begin to settle in for the day. This may include hanging up jackets and backpacks, eating breakfast, and finding their place for the morning circle.

2. Morning circle

Many preschoolers begin their day in the morning circle. People sometimes refer to this time as “morning meeting” or another name. This time allows kids and teachers to check in with each other. Teachers may lead children in a routine that includes:

  • Finding the date on a calendar
  • Discussing special events or activities that day
  • Discussing the theme of the week
  • Discussing the weather
  • Reviewing a visual schedule

This time is important for kids to learn to listen well and feel confident speaking in a group. It also allows teachers to set expectations for the day.

3. Literacy

Preschool literacy lessons focus on pre-reading skills, such as letter recognition and identifying letter sounds. These important skills help kids begin to read and write in kindergarten and get better in elementary school.

Preschool literacy lessons often integrate interactive activities, such as games, stories, and songs. These play-based, active learning methods are usually much more engaging than memorization drills or repetition.

4. Social-emotional learning

Yong children must develop good social skills through education and play. Teachers can help preschoolers learn important skills like kindness, empathy, and patience by discussing and reinforcing these concepts. Most preschool curriculums have designated time each day to focus on social-emotional concepts.

5. Outdoor play

Research shows that outdoor play can help children regulate their emotions, improve their physical capabilities, and build confidence. Outdoor recreation is integral to every preschool day at Little Sunshine Preschool. Our enriching, inviting outdoor play area allows kids to get out their wiggles while exploring the environment with friends.

6. Lunch

Preschoolers learn to eat well in a group setting and have access to healthy, balanced meals every day.

7. Math

Children sing songs, play games, and participate in other group activities designed to teach about simple math concepts.

8. Dismissal

Teachers and children prepare for the end of the day by cleaning up and gathering belongings. Parents and caregivers arrive to pick up their children.

Contact Little Sunshine Preschool in Port Richey FL, for details on our schedule, curriculum, or any inquiries about our preschool.

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