Interactive Learning: Little Sunshine’s Play-Based Curriculum


Interactive Learning: Little Sunshine’s Play-Based Curriculum


Many people underestimate the power of play in a child’s life. While play may look like messy, chaotic fun, there is often critical learning happening beneath the surface. At Little Sunshine Preschool, our play-based curriculum is carefully designed to nurture a child’s creativity, boost confidence, and develop essential social-emotional skills they’ll need to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

The children in our programs learn more than letters, numbers, and colors. They learn a deep appreciation for learning, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. But the most important part? They have fun!

We know how important play is during a child’s earliest years–and that’s why it’s at the center of everything we do. The holiday season gives preschool teachers even more opportunities to incorporate interactive learning into the classroom. The children and teachers love the new activities this festive season brings–and parents can use some of these activities at home, too!

Play-based preschool programs let children learn the way they are designed to: through movement, songs, exploration, and hands-on experiences. This article will explore how interactive learning happens during the busy holiday season, and how to incorporate these ideas into your child’s learning.

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Interactive Play During the Holidays

The winter holidays offer so many chances to bring new interactive learning activities into the classroom. Children will enjoy learning about different holidays and seasonal changes throughout the world while developing essential school-readiness skills.

Here are some of the ways holiday interactive learning can be used in a play-based preschool program.

Acting out stories

While kids love listening to stories, they may love acting out those stories even more! Read simple seasonal stories and allow the children to act out parts of them. For example, in The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, kids can act out Peter’s journey through his snowy neighborhood as the teacher reads the story aloud.

Art projects

There are so many festive art projects that are sure to bring holiday cheer to your classroom. Paint large pictures of a holiday wreath or tree using simple shapes, use cotton balls to create Santa’s beard, or use simple construction paper shapes to create a menorah and candles.

Holiday art projects allow kids to explore textures, sights, and smells while getting their hands a little messy. Children can practice following directions to create a project or let their imaginations run free. Art projects allow children to develop excellent listening skills, boost creativity, and improve cutting, writing, and other fine motor skills.

Sensory tables

Sensory tables and bins are a great way to introduce new seasonal items into the room. Some seasonal sensory bin ideas include:

  • Cotton batting (to look like snow) and small animal toys
  • Oatmeal with cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in
  • Pompoms in seasonal colors and festive erasers or toys
  • Holiday-themed water beads
  • Gift wrap, tape, and child scissors
  • Pine sprigs, pine cones, and other safe, natural materials
  • Dry black beans and small toy pine trees
  • Real snow–or “play snow” if you can’t get the real thing–and holiday ornaments
  • Rice scented with peppermint oil, bells, and ornaments

Sensory bins let children interact with new materials and get a range of new experiences. They also offer an opportunity for quiet play for those who want it.

Reading books

There are so many wonderful books about holidays around the world. Find diverse stories featuring a range of seasonal celebrations and let children ask questions about what they see and hear.

Seasonal songs

Songs can be a great way to learn about new ideas. Sing songs about holiday traditions, changing seasons, and anything special people or animals do during the holiday season.

Dramatic play areas

Dramatic play areas can bring new life into a classroom. Set up Santa’s workshop, a bear’s winter den, or a gift-wrapping station. Or, simply create a “cozy corner” with books, soft seating, and even a pretend fireplace.

Holiday fine motor

There are so many ways to celebrate seasonal holidays while also helping kids improve their fine motor skills, including:

  • Playing with scented play-dough (peppermint or cinnamon, for example) with seasonal cookie cutters
  • Stringing beads in seasonal colors or shapes
  • Drawing, painting, tracing, or coloring holiday pictures
  • Making garlands or decorations with beads
  • Using holiday stickers
  • Cutting and taping wrapping paper
  • Sorting seasonal objects or colored items
  • Building with holiday Lego sets

There are so many simple, fun ways to celebrate a range of seasonal holidays while helping to develop the hand strength they’ll need in Kindergarten.

Learn More About Play-Based Preschool

If you are looking for a play-based preschool, reach out to the team at Little Sunshine Preschool to learn about our enriching, nurturing programs. Our dedicated team of educators uses a play-based curriculum designed to help kids prepare for Kindergarten while having fun and gaining self-confidence.

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